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Abha Malpani-Naismith

The Creator Cafe is a community for mums to make money online using their own skills.

The creator economy makes this possible for us.

What is the creator economy?

Imagine a world where you could make money from anything you are good at, and help hundred's of people on the way whilst also enjoying the freedom of managing your own time.

The creator economy can make this dream come true, from the comfort of your own home, while being available for your kids.

It allows you to use the power of the web to package your skills and sell them. You can teach anything to anyone using the power of the web.

A recent report interviewing 9500 online content creators showed that 52% of creators who made between $50,000 and $100,000 annually dedicated less than 10 hours a week to making new content.

All you need is an internet connection and the will to make it happen.

Why this community?

We have big dreams but no time. This is where this community comes in.

This community is for mums who are ready to start their creator journey and move forward quickly, alongside a supportive community of other mums.

The scheduled part of the community is only two weeks long and will consolidate all the actionable items you need to start your creator journey.

There are loads of amazing creator communities online, I am part of many (most!) of them. However there are none I have found that speak to mums.

As mums we have different challenges and frustrations as we switch between many roles on a daily basis. We have kids and a home to manage; maybe a 9-5 job; endless errands; self-care.

The community is designed specifically for mums juggling a million things everyday, yet are ambitious and want to build something they love that can be designed around the life they want.

Who is this community for?

  • Mums who want time and financial freedom while doing something they love
  • Mums who want to work, but do not want to be tied to the restrictions that come with a 9-5
  • Mums who eventually want to replace their salary with work that fulfills them
  • Mums who want to be their own boss
  • Mums who want to make an alternate stream of income from the creator economy (in other words, online)
  • Mums who are happy to spend a lot of time online
  • Mums who are ready to take action to start their creator journey. (Incase you are not a mum but still want to join this community, drop me an email and let's chat)

This is NOT for you if:

x You are looking for a quick fix

x You don't want to put in the work

x You don't want to spend majority of your efforts on a computer

x You don't like to 'create' (write, draw, design, build, present online)

x You don't want to make money online

What will you get from this cohort-based community?

Being part of this community will help you start your creator journey by achieving 2 goals specifically:

1) Identify a skill you have that you can make money from

2) Determine how you can sell it online and start the process

These are the two fundamental things you need to start your journey.

Remember, starting is the hardest part. In these 2 weeks, you will actually start.


  • 2-weeks of an active cohort that includes: Cohort-based group calls with me that will cover:
    • Week 1
      1. Kick Off + Onboarding: Introductions, outlining a clear and actionable agenda; and connecting with each other
      2. Identify your monetizable skill: What is your superpower? You will know what this is after these 2 weeks.
      3. How to monetize your skill: How will it solve a problem? Businesses have to solve problems to make money. You will determine what problem your skill can solve for people.
      Week 2
      1. Get visible: Build the foundation for your online business. Here you will realize all the ways you can sell your skill, and pick the way that suits you best. We will look at content that you can create immediately.
      2. Commit and believe: Overcoming limiting beliefs. Lack of belief in ourselves is the #1 barrier to success. Here we will discuss ways to get over this and move forward.
      3. Start your journey: Progress over perfection. As mums, we often look to perfect things before we feel they are 'ready'. Here we will work on the mindset that 'messy action' is better than 'no action', as nothing is ever perfect.
    • 8-weeks of access to a private Slack community of other mums wanting to explore the creator community, so that you can:
      • Discuss your ideas, get feedback, share wins, accountability; support each other and make friends with mums on the same journey as you.
      • Guest calls with other creator mums and experts, to learn from them and build your network.
    • Access to the best and only the most relevant resources and tools you need to start your creator journey.

All sessions will be recorded and available incase you cannot make the lives.

Total cost: $149 for 8 weeks of support - that’s only $18 a week.

Money back guarantee

If you feel you did not find this worth your time or money, I will give you a 100% refund within 14 days of the cohort starting.

Who am I?

I am a writer, creator, author and digital communications / social media specialist since 2005.

Over the last 17 years, I have worked with people, companies and brands on their digital strategy, content creation and planning, implementation, reporting and analysis.

I run a newsletter for working mums, here: https://workingmumsclub.substack.com/

I have also been a paid blogger, writer, and content creator for numerous sites all over the world since 2006.

It's time for me to transfer all my professional knowledge to my peer group of mums so that we can build our own businesses online.

If you have any questions, you can:

Email me: Abha@workingmumsclub.com

DM me on Instagram: (at)abhamalpani

DM me on Twitter: (at) abhamalpani

If you have reached all the way here, yay! I hope you see you in the cohort.

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